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Hello World and welcome to the Ophir PR blog. This is the first post of what we hope is going to be a fun filled, action packed blog crammed with photos, memoirs and our general ramblings (which we will try and keep brief) about where we have been, where we want to go, interviews with some of our favourite travel gurus travel inspiration and any interesting snippets to fuel the wanderlust.

A little bit about us!

Rather than a long descriptive paragraph extolling our virtues we decided to do a quick travel related Q&A session to let you know a bit more about us…

The Ophir PR team are:-

Kathryn Peel – MD and triathlon junkie

Kathryn Peel1. What is your dream travel destination and why?

Indonesia – I would love to set sail on a Phinisi yacht around the Indonesian Archipelago and visit Flores, Komodo & Raja Ampat – I imagine the wildlife, scenery, culture and diving combine to offer a pretty spectacular experience…

2. Give us your ideal dinner party: you and 4 others and why?

The young Mohammed Ali – he would provide awesome entertainment.

Winston Churchill – for his dry wit and he must be partial to some great insider knowledge.

Richie McCaw – the all blacks captain, he’s easy on the eye and you’ve got to love a kiwi accent.

Beyoncé – to serenade us.

3. Pick the top 3 travel items you can’t live without?

Bose noise cancelling headphones – they not practical in terms of size when trying to pack efficiently but are an absolute must on flights – they have revolutionised travelling long haul and make economy just that little bit more bearable!

Don’t underestimate the hours of fun that can be had with a pack of cards and some dice! Galloping Horses is a particular favourite. They also come in very handy when killing time waiting for flights.

Not hugely glamorous but flight socks! There is a history of DVT in my family so I never travel without them…

4. Best place you have ever eaten anywhere in the world?

There are too many! For simplicity, Vernazza – the most beautiful town on the Cinque Terre. Early evening, on the rocks with a pizza & bottle of red wine. Some of the best food I’ve ever had and one of the most memorable dining experiences has to be at Hotel Aurelio, Lech – it was sensational. Numerous courses all paired with wine chosen by the sommelier and I am now completely converted to a crisp Riesling.


Stunning views in IndonesiaAbel Tasman National Park NZ

Kathryn-3Giraffe spotting on Safari in Botswana

Kathryn-4In the shadow of the Matterhorn Zermatt

Jonathan Williams – The only boy in Luxury Travel PR

Jonathan Williams1. What is your dream travel destination and why?

Antarctica/South Pole – this would be an expedition of a lifetime. I would love to visit Scott’s Hut and be able to say that I have stood on the top/bottom of the world! To experience the complete openness of this space and the huge peaks that form there.

2. Give us your ideal dinner party: you and 4 others and why?

Michael Palin (Actor and Explorer) – because Python (Monty Python) is just too good and his travel stories would be brilliant.

David Attenborough (Presenter) – there is something about that man that makes me want to listen to him all day and evening.

Lee Evans (Comedian) – he would have to sit at the end of the table so as not to soak everyone else in his sweat and I am quite happy for him to be the centre of attention. The laughter just wouldn’t stop.

Lady Gaga – someone has to bring the food. And I want to know just what goes on in her head…

3. Pick the top 3 travel items you can’t live without?

iPod as there are very few worse things than long waits with no music.

Smartphone with great photo and video editing apps is essential

A friend to enjoy it with me. It would be too good to not be able to share it.

4. Best place you have ever eaten anywhere in the world? – doesn’t have to be a restaurant.

On the beach in the Maldives at a huge midnight feast with every type of food you can imagine on one side of the beach and about 100 varieties of desert. This was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and under the stars with the waves gently lapping in about 5 meters away.

Jonathan-2Ringstead Bay, Dorset – Looking across to Weymouth & Portland

Jonathan-3Jonathan as a boy!

Jonathan-4Relaxing in the Maldives at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

Alexandra Delf – New Kid on the block

Alexandra Delf1. What is your dream travel destination and why?

I would love to go to Lapland not only due to the obvious… to see Santa but the opportunity to hit the slopes , be pulled along by huskies (hopefully in a sleigh of some description) and stay in one of these incredible glass igloos to get a first class view of the Northern Lights from my cosy animal print lair, sans frostbite. There is of course the ongoing concern of other Northern Lights devotees stumbling across the igloos and seeing a bit more than they bargained for, however I think it is worth this risk for these incredible views.

2. Give us your ideal dinner party: you and 4 others and why?

My ideal dinner party would include:-

Alexandre Dumas – author of The Count of Monte Cristo. Anyone with that imagination would be a very interesting guest!

Joan Collins – Fabulous, glamorous and starred in one of the wittiest commercials (and one which I definitely relate to – Snickers!).

David Attenborough – After being a fan of his documentaries for years, there would never be a dull moment with his travel stories.

Lenny Kravitz – Probably the coolest man on earth!

I really wanted 5 guests, as a sneaky way of getting a 5th in there… Heston Blumenthal to prepare the dinner!

3. Pick the top 3 travel items you can’t live without?

Hairtie/band/bobble whatever you refer to it as, something to keep my hair off my face and even though I take 30 with me, I can never find one– can also be useful in a variety of travel situations such as tying up a mosquito net and holding your extremely worn guidebook together.

Emergency money – I have to try and stash a small amount of currency in an unusual place and then distract myself and forget about it. This tactic usually works well until I find something (usually food, shoes or cocktails) and then immediately remember and spend it. Self control needed for this one!

Copy of my documents – Although you don’t technically carry these on you, I always upload a colour copy of my passport, travel documents, plane tickets, insurance, vaccination certificates to my email so I have them in case of emergencies – like leaving your rucksack on a train in Madrid. Been there done that, take my advice, it is worth the effort!

4. Best place you have ever eaten anywhere in the world?

Hands down Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, not expensive or luxury but they know their sushi and it was better than all of the high end sushi restaurants in the U.K, the range and quality of the fish was out of this world. If you are a sushi aficionado like me, this is a MUST GO TO place.


Relaxing in a Thai tropical paradise

Alex-4Swiss Winter Alpine Perfection (Above)

Getting friendly with the locals in Livigno (Below)


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